SWBBA Annual Championships

Held since 1947, the Annual Championships is held in Torquay and open to both SWBBA members and non-members.

74th Annual Championships [2022]

After the enforced gap of two years, we are delighted to announce that the Annual Championships are back and entries are now open!

The Riviera International Conference Centre, Torquay will again host the event on Saturday 5th November 2022. Open to both SWBBA member bands and non-member bands (including ungraded bands, Youth and Training Bands), early entry is encouraged. Test pieces are own choice for all sections and we are also pleased to advise an increase in the number of borrowed players from two to four.

Please see Schedule for more details and we look forward to seeing you there!

Results of 73rd Annual Championships [2019]

SWBBA held their 73rd Annual Championships at Rivera Centre Torquay - an ideal opportunity for bands to test out the stage acoustics and other facilities in advance of the 2020 Regionals. Highlights of the day were the Youth and training band sections that evidence the active educational work being carried out in parts of the South West.

Despite atrocious weather conditions, including bridge closures from Cornwall, Vice Chairman John Woods commended all bands for helping keep the day to schedule. Thanks were also extended by John on behalf of the Association to Sue Oldfield, Contest controller, for the festival and Keith Anderson who recently joined the team and undertook all planning with the Riviera Centre and competing bands.

Keith ensured rugby fans were kept up to date with 2 large TV screens installed in the Rosetor room so that events in Japan were not missed!

Feedback from bands on the section of set test pieces was very positive. Adjudicators Chris Binns and Derek Greenwood enjoyed:

  • 4th Section: "Malvern Suite" by Philip Sparke
  • 3rd Section: "Simon Called Peter" by Gilbert Vinter
  • 2nd Section: "Celestial Prospect" by Wilfred Heaton
  • Open section: was own choice. The winners Camborne Town directed by Kevin McKenzie performed "Harmony Music" by Phillip Sparke

Open Section Results

Pos Band
01 Camborne Town
02 Roche Brass
03 Chalford

Open Section Awards
  • Best Cornet Player (Maurice Gooding Trophy): Camborne Town
  • Highest Placed First Section Band (Jerwood Bowl): Roche Brass

Second Section Results

Pos Band
01 Sidmouth Town
02 Porthleven Town
03 Shrewton Silver

Second Section Awards
  • Best Instrumentalist (Maurice Woods Cup): Soprano - Sidmouth Town

Third Section Results

Pos Band
01 Porthleven Town
02 South Molton
03 St. Stythians

Third Section Awards
  • Best Horn Section (PM Sound Trophy): St. Stythians

Fourth & Ungraded Section Results

Pos Band
01 Bideford Town
02 St. Breward
03 Saltash Town

Fourth Section Awards
  • Best Bass Section (Jim Baber Cup): Bideford Town
  • Highest Placed Ungraded Band (The SWBBA Shield): St. Breward

Youth Section Results

Pos Band
01 Bodmin Youth

Youth Section Awards
  • Best Instrumentalist (FJR Tape Shield): Soprano - Bodmin Youth

Training Section Results

Pos Band
01 Soundhouse Brass Training
02 South Molton Training
03 Hatherleigh & Northlew Training

Training Section Awards
  • Best Instrumentalist (Joe Armstrong Memorial Cup): Solo Cornet - South Molton Training

Results of 72nd Annual Championships

Fourth Section Results

Pos Band
01 Redruth Silver
02 Bideford Town
03 Tiverton Town
04 Okehampton Excelsior Silver
05 Exeter Railway
06 Illogan Sparnon

Fourth Section Awards
  • Best Bass Section (Jim Baber Cup): Redruth Town
  • Highest Placed Ungraded Band (The SWBBA Shield): Illogan Sparnon

Third Section Results

Pos Band
01 Bratton Silver
02 Gillingham Silver
03 Porthleven Town
04 South Molton Town
05 St Stythians
06 Saltash

Third Section Awards
  • Best Horn Section (PM Sound Trophy): Bratton Silver

Second Section Results

Pos Band
01 Helston Town
02 Soundhouse Brass
03 Weston Brass

Second Section Awards
  • Best Instrumentalist (Maurice Woods Cup): Euphonium - Soundhouse Brass

Training Section Results

Pos Band
01 Soundhouse Brass Junior
02 South Molton Training

Training Section Awards
  • Best Instrumentalist (Joe Armstrong Memorial Cup): Cornet (Charlie Morrow) - South Molton Training

Youth Section Results

Pos Band
01 St Keverne

Youth Section Awards
  • Best Instrumentalist (FJR Tape Shield): Euphonium - St Keverne

Open Section Results

Pos Band
01 Camborne Town
02 St Keverne
03 Roche Brass
04 Glastonbury Brass
05 Forest of Dean Brass
06 Bodmin Town
07 Sidmouth Town

Open Section Awards
  • Best Cornet Player (Maurice Gooding Trophy): Camborne Town
  • Highest Placed First Section Band (Jerwood Bowl): St Keverne

Previous Results

With grateful thanks to Viv Willcock and Phillip Hunt for compiling these results. If you know of anyone with blanks beside the dates or names then please notify us!

Championship & First Section

Year Winning Band, Selection [Conductor]
2019 Camborne Town, Harmony Music
2018 Camborne Town, Of Distant Memories [Kevin Mackenzie]
2017 Camborne Town, Own Choice - Paganini Variations [Philip Wilby]
2016 Verwood Concert Brass, Of Men and Mountains [Kevin Smith]
2015 Aldbourne, Dances & Alleluias [Josh Ruck]
2014 Verwood Concert Brass, Own Choice [Kevin Smith]
2013 Aldbourne, Own Choice [David Johnson]
2012 Camborne Town, Own Choice [Steve Sykes]
2011 Lanner & District, Own Choice [Stuart Chappell]
2010 Sherborne, Own Choice [Paul Cosh]
2009 St Dennis, Own Choice [Derek Greenwood]
2008 Milton Keynes Brass, Own Choice [Paul Fensom]
2007 St Dennis, Own Choice [Brian Minear]
2006 Yeovil Town, Own Choice [David Barringer]
2005 Poole Borough, Own Choice [Philip Randall]
2004 Yeovil Town, Spectrum [David Hayward]
2003 JAG Mount Charles, Own Choice [Russell Gray]
2002 JAG Mount Charles, Own Choice [Brian Hurdley]
2001 Mount Charles, Own Choice [David Loukes]
2000 - NO ENTRIES -
1999 Bodmin Town, Essence of Time [Nicholas Childs]
1998 Camborne Town, Carnival Romain [Len Adams]
1997 Bodmin Town, Own Choice - Any Gilbert Vinter [Nicholas Childs]
1996 Bodmin Town, King's Messenger [Nicholas Childs]
1995 Bodmin Town, Own Choice [Howard Taylor]
1994 Bodmin Town, Own Choice [Howard Taylor]
1993 Bodmin Town, Own Choice [Howard Taylor]
1992 - NO ENTRIES -
1991 Torbay Brass, Freedom [Howard Taylor]
1990 - NO ENTRIES -
1989 Bodmin Town, Diadem of Gold [Len Adams]
1988 St Austell, Judges of the Secret Court [Derek Greenwood]
1987 St Austell, High Peak [Derek Greenwood]
1986 St Dennis, Oceans [Derek Greenwood]
1985 Bideford Town, Tournament for Brass [N C Walker]
1984 St Austell, James Cook [Ken Dennison]
1983 Redruth Silver, Tam O'Shanter [Len Adams]
1982 St Austell, Kensington Concerto [A Chappell]
1981 Bodmin Town, Le Roi D'ys [A C Jenkin]
1980 St Austell, Beatrice and Benedict [David Loukes]
1979 Camborne Town, Freedom [Derek Greenwood]
1978 St Austell, Judges of the Secret Court [D Johnston]
1977 St Dennis, Benvenuto Cellini [Eddie Williams]
1976 Bodmin Town, John O'Gaunt [Ron Downs]
1975 St Dennis, Force of Destiny [Eddie Williams]
1974 St Austell, Blackfriars [John (Jack) Harrison]
1973 Bodmin Town, Spectrum [John Berryman]
1972 Bodmin Town, La Carnival Romain [John Berryman]
1971 St Austell, Lorenzo [Fred Roberts]
1970 St Austell, Judges of the Secret Court [Fred Roberts]
1969 St Austell, Symphony in C [Tim Richards]
1968 Bodmin Town, Shipbuilders [Bill Lawton]
1967 St Austell, Les Preludes [Tim Richards]
1966 St Austell, Coriolanus [-]
1965 Bodmin Town, Sinfonietta Pastorale [WD Lawton]
1964 Bodmin Town, Scheheraszade [WD Lawton]
1963 Bodmin Town, AAAAA [Bill Lawton]
1962 Woodfalls, - [-]
1961 Bodmin Town, - [-]
1960 Bodmin Town, - [-]
1959 Bodmin Town, - [-]
1958 Bideford Town, - [-]
1957 -, - [-]
1956 Bideford Town, - [-]
1955 Bideford Town, - [-]
1954 Redruth Silver, - [-]
1953 -, - [-]
1952 Kingsbridge Town Silver, - [-]
1951 -, - [-]
1950 Truro City, - [-]
1949 Exeter S Region Railway, Thanksgiving [-]
1948 Exeter S Region Railway, Sinfonietta Pastorale [-]
1947 Kingsbridge Town Silver, Recollections of Meyerbeer [-]

Second Section

Year Winning Band, Selection [Conductor]
2019 Sidmouth Town, Celestial Prospect
2018 Helston Town, Renaissance [John Berryman]
2017 Soundhouse Brass, Own Choice - Purcell Variations [Lee Clayson]
2016 South West Comms, Oceans [Chris Spreadbury]
2015 - NO ENTRIES -
2014 Bodmin Town, Rhapsody in Brass (Dean Goffin) [John Maines]
2013 Sidmouth Town, Three Part Invention [Adrian Harvey]
2012 Lympstone SW, Rise of the Pheonix [Charles Fleming]
2011 St Pinnock, Suite Gothique [Chris Spreadbury]
2010 Lewis Merthyr, Kaleidoscope-Brugg Song [Gareth Pritchard]
2009 City of Bristol, The Aeronauts [Ceri Thomas]
2008 Michelmarsh, Variations on Laudate Dominum [Melvin White]
2007 St Stythians, Hollywood [Derek Johnson]
2006 Phoenix Brass (Crewkerne), Own Choice (Sparke) [Paul Slator]
2005 St Keverne, Partita for Band (Postcards) [Tom Paulin]
2004 Helston Town, Celestial Prospect [John Hitchens]
2003 Helston Town, Oceans [John Hitchens]
2002 Lanner & District, The Moor of Venice [Stuart Chappell]
2001 St Stythians, Resurgam [Derek Johnston]
2000 St Austell Kernow, Les Preludes [Leonard Adams]
1999 Helston Town, Labour & Love [Edward Ashton]
1998 Sherbourne Town, California Legend [Paul Cosh]
1997 Sherbourne Town, Tournament for Brass [Ian Lowes]
1996 St Stythians, Downland Suite [Denzil Stephens]
1995 Hayle Town, The Three Musketeers [Derek Johnston]
1994 Lanner & District, Sinfonietta (Langford) [CC Harris]
1993 Lanner & District, Oregon [CC Harris]
1992 Lanner & District, Rococco Variations [CC Harris]
1991 South Molton, Dimensions [Dave Tilling]
1990 Torbay Brass, Entertainments [Howard Taylor]
1989 Stoke-sub-Hamdon, A Celtic Suite [Gary Greenstock]
1988 Mount Charles, Les Preludes [Mike Faro]
1987 Torbay Brass, Music for a Festival [Ken Dennison]
1986 RBL Crownhill Plymouth, Scheherezade [Vivian Willcock]
1985 Bugle, Rhapsody in Brass [Mike Faro]
1984 Bideford Town, North West Passage [Derek Greenwood]
1983 St Stythians, Henry the Fifth [Derek Greenwood]
1982 Bugle Silver, Prometheus Unbound [S Penhaligon]
1981 St Stythians, Overture for an Epic Occasion [R Trevaskis]
1980 Bugle Silver, Academic Festival Overture [Hugh Camps]
1979 Bideford Town, Sirius [P Fisher]
1978 Lostwithiel Silver, Promenade [GR Wheildon]
1977 Bideford Town, Land of the Mountain & Flood [J MacDonald]
1976 Totnes Town, Sinfonietta (Langford) [Vivian Willcock]
1975 South Molton, Simon Called Peter [Gilbert Taylor]
1974 St Pinnock, Simon Called Peter [Joe Armstrong]
1973 Mount Charles, Four Preludes [Alan Jenkin]
1972 Plymouth Silver, Overture for an Epic Occasion [Vivian Willcock]
1971 Carharrick & St Day, Galantia [CT Bolitho]
1970 Junior Leaders Regiment, Quo Vadis [R O Waite]
1969 South Molton, English Folk Song Suite [Gilbert Taylor]
1968 Bideford Town, Land of the Ever Young [WH Forrest]
1967 -, William Tell (Ballet Music) [-]
1966 -, - [-]
1965 St Breward, Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals [WD Lawton]
1964 Sherborne Town, Glastonbury [CL White]
1963 Exeter Railway, Cordell Suite [LO Luxham]
1962 Durnovaria Silver, - [Edwin Otter]
1961 -, - [-]
1960 -, - [-]
1959 -, - [-]
1958 Plymouth Silver, Excerpts from the Creation [SJ Hooper]
1957 Newton Abbot, - [WO Oliver]
1956 Burnham & Highbridge, Kubla Khan [RH Reynolds]
1955 Crewkerne Town, John Peel Suite [SC Brooks]
1954 Newton Abbot, - [WO Oliver]
1953 Bude Town, Gems of Old England [WD Lawton]
1952 Launceston Municipal, Three Songs without Words [Reg Walter]
1951 -, - [-]
1950 -, - [-]
1949 Topsham Silver, Mountain Chief [-]
1948 Bovey Tracey Silver, The Village Feast [-]
1947 Bude Town, Land of the Mountain & Flood [J MacDonald]

Third Section

Year Winning Band, Selection [Conductor]
2019 Porthleven Town, Simon Called Peter
2018 Bratton Silver, Olympus [Simon Carr]
2017 St. Stythians, Own Choice - Images for Brass [James Burns]
2016 Weston Brass, Hollywood [Bryn James]
2015 St. Stythians, Dark Side of the Moon [James Burns]
2014 Heyl Town, Music for a Festival (Phillip Sparke) [Shaun Marsden]
2013 Heyl Town, Entertainments [Shaun Marsden]
2012 Bodmin Town, Narnia Suite [Gary Lannie]
2011 Weston Brass, Saint-Saens Variations [Tony Osborne]
2010 Bugle, Northern Landscapes [Jeremy Willcock]
2009 Sidmouth Town, Haslemere Suite [Adrian Harvey]
2008 Pillowell Silver, Episodes for Brass (Churcher) [Steve Ruck]
2007 Heyl Town, Three Memories for Brass [Derek Johnson]
2006 Pillowell Silver, Own Choice (G Richards) [Rhodri Griffiths]
2005 Pillowell Silver, St Austell Suite [Clive Lewis]
2004 Heyl Town, Simon called Peter [Derek Johnston]
2003 St Stythians, The Shipbuilders [Derek Johnston]
2002 Saltash Town, Promenade [David Dobson]
2001 Lympstone, From the New World [Charles Fleming]
2000 Lympstone WST, Facets of Glass [Charles Fleming]
1999 Lympstone, Bel-Air [Charles Fleming]
1998 St Austell Kernow, Hinemoa [David Pope]
1997 RBL Crownhill, Three Memories for Brass [Vivien Willcock]
1996 St Pinnock, Three Saints. World Premiere [WN Harris]
1995 Torrington Silver, Scenes du Lac [Gary Lobbett]
1994 Lostwithiel Brass 88, Vectis Isles [Robert Hammett]
1993 St Breward, Music for a Festival [W Hunt]
1992 Stoke sub Hamdon, Saddleworth Festival Overture [GJ Greenstock]
1991 Pendennis, Call of the Sea [Glynn Thomas]
1990 St Stythians, Fanfare Diversions [A Moore]
1989 Lanner & District, Robert the Devil [Chris Harris]
1988 Lanner & District, Viscaya [Chris Harris]
1987 St Pinnock, Suite in Bb [W Hunt]
1986 Hatherleigh Silver, Hinemoa [Robin Wonnacott]
1985 St Breward, Three Inventions [W Hunt]
1984 St Austell B, The Prizewinners [Rodney Richards]
1983 St Austell B, The Seasons [Rodney Richards]
1982 Torbay Brass, Mexican Fiesta [PB Aunger]
1981 Teignbridge Silver, Overture to Youth [K Carroll]
1980 St Breward, Life's Treasures [W Hunt]
1979 Carharrick & St Day, Swedish Rhapsody [P James]
1978 Stoke sub Hamdon, King Lear [W Aird]
1977 Lympstone, Othello [LR Jennings]
1976 Liskeard Silver, Peer Gynt Suite [BW Sutton]
1975 Bideford Town, - [MW Sweet]
1974 Bideford Town, Swiss Festival Overture [MW Sweet]
1973 Chard Concert, Gay Delavals [H Govier]
1972 Crewkerne Concert, Little Suite for Brass [M Shepherd]
1971 Newton Abbot, A Holiday Suite [K Rodwell]
1970 Junior Leaders, London River [AF Ashworth]
1969 Bude Town, Three Days Suite [JR Grand]
1968 South Molton, Little Suite for Brass No2 [Gill Taylor]
1967 Weston Brass, A Holiday Suite [TS Shearman]
1966 -, - [-]
1965 Bugle Silver, Devon Fantasy [Hugh Camps]
1964 St Breward, Indian Summer [WD Lawton]
1963 -, Salzburg Suite [-]
1962 Sherborne Town, - [CL White]
1961 -, - [-]
1960 -, - [-]
1959 -, - [-]
1958 Tavistock Town, Melodies of Long Ago [DJ Carthew]
1957 Bovey Tracey, - [E Smithies]
1956 Torrington Silver, Melodies of Britain [KA Grainger]
1955 Dartmouth Borough, Suite Ancienne [W Bolton]
1954 Wadebridge Town, Tyrolean Scenes [AH Dawes]
1953 Newton Abbot, In Switzerland [WO Oliver]
1952 - NO ENTRIES -
1951 -, - [-]
1950 -, - [-]
1949 Axminster Evening, Ravensdale [-]
1948 Bovey Tracey, The Village Feast [-]
1947 - NO ENTRIES -

Fourth Section

Year Winning Band, Selection [Conductor]
2019 Bideford Town, Malvern Suite
2018 Redruth Town, Lydian Pictures [Keith Anderson]
2017 Hatherleigh Silver, Own Choice - The Journals of Philias Fogg [Matt Green]
2015 Bideford Town, Saddleworth Festival Overture [Mark Durham]
2015 Pendeen Silver, English Folk Song Suite [Daren Jenkin]
2014 Weymouth Concert, Little Suite for Brass No 1 (Malcolm Arnold) [Kevin Goodwin]
2013 Porthleven Town, Partita (Gregson) [Tom Bassett]
2012 Launceston Town, Voices of Youth [David Dobson]
2011 Launceston Town, First Suite in Eb [David Dobson]
2010 Tiverton Silver, Four Cities Symphony [Gilbert Taylor]
2009 Hatherleigh Silver, Four Little Maids [David Hayward]
2008 Weymouth Concert, Anglian Dances [Adam Glynn]
2007 Sidmouth Town, Lydian Pictures [Adrian Harvey]
2006 Pendennis Brass, St Michaels Leyline [Steve Thomas]
2005 St Breward, Mexican Fiesta [Darren Hawken]
2004 Verwood Concert, A Malvern Suite [Paul Norley]
2003 Heyl Town, Devon Fantasy [Derek Johnston]
2002 Constantine Silver, Little Suite for Brass No1 [Ian Edwards]
2001 Heyl Town, Episodes for Brass (Hamner) [Derek Johnston]
2000 St Dennis, A Saddleworth Festival Overture [John Berryman]
1999 Lympstone, Passing Moods [Charles Fleming]
1998 Lympstone, First Suite in Eb [Charles Fleming]
1997 Lympstone, Northumbrian Suite [Charles Fleming]
1996 St Breward, West Sou'West [WA Hunt]
1995 Pendennis Brass, Mexican Fiesta [Glyn Thomas]
1994 St Breward, Suite for Brass (Davis) [W Hunt]
1993 Hatherleigh Silver, Devon Fantasy [Robin Wonnacott]
1992 Pendennis Brass, Swiss Festival Overture [GV Thomas]
1991 Bratton Silver, A Malvern Suite [Melvyn Howe]
1990 Porthleven Town, Overture to Youth [EF Ralph]
1989 Saltash Town, Stantonbury Festival [Roy Jones]
1988 St Gennys Silver, Othello [Henry Shipley]
1987 Launceston Town, Four Little Maids [Derek Greenwood]
1986 Bratton Silver, West Sou'West [Vic Beer]
1985 Weston-super-Mare, Metropolis [Dave Fisher]
1984 Okehampton Excelsior, Northumbrian Suite [Reg Beardon]
1983 St Austell B, The Seasons [Rodney Richards]
1982 Copperfield Brass, A Cotswold Suite [David Tilling]
1981 Torbay Brass, English Folk Song Suite [Peter Aunger]
1980 Teignbridge Brass, Galantia [Peter Aunger]
1979 Lostwithiel Youth, Rufford Abbey [D Howlett]
1978 St Ives Youth, Four Little Maids [Eric Toll]
1977 Hatherleigh Silver, Wealdon Rhapsody [JMC Nairn]
1976 Sidmouth Town, Episodes for Brass (Hanmer) [R Hibbs]
1975 Launceston Town, The Lindum Suite [DB Luxton]
1974 Bideford Town, A Shakespearean Rhapsody [MW Sweet]
1973 Stoke-sub Hamdon, English Country Scenes [W Aird]
1972 Lostwithiel Youth, City by the Sea [MW Sweet]
1971 Chard, St Michaels Mount [HW Govier]
1970 Lympstone, In Switzerland [LR Jennings]
1969 Northlew & Ashbury, Spirit of Youth [B Luxton]
1968 Lanner & District, Partia Picola [T Martin]
1967 Junior Leaders Reg, Tyrolean Scenes [FL Wilcock]
1966 -, - [-]
1965 Crewkerne Youth, A Rural Suite [Mike Shepherd]
1964 Weston-super-Mare, A Souvenir of Shakespeare [TS Shearman]
1963 -, - [-]
1962 Boscastle Silver, The Golden Age [LR Prout]
1961 -, - [-]
1960 -, - [-]
1959 -, - [-]
1958 -, - [-]
1957 -, - [-]
1956 -, - [-]
1955 -, - [-]
1954 -, - [-]
1953 -, - [-]
1952 -, - [-]
1951 -, - [-]
1950 -, - [-]
1949 -, - [-]
1948 -, - [-]
1947 -, - [-]

Youth Section

Year Winning Band, Selection [Conductor]
2019 Bodmin Youth
2018 St Keverne, A Circus Suite [Karl Long]
2017 St Dennis Youth, Own Choice - Patterns [Rachael L Sargent]
2016 St Keverne Youth A Circus Suite [Kelvin Retallack]
2015 Soundhouse Brass Juniors [Gary Thompson]
2014 Mount Charles Youth [Jeremy Taylor]
2013 Mount Charles Youth [Jane Whitehead]
2012 Launceston Town Band [Anne Brown]
2011 Mount Charles Youth [Jeremy Willcock]
2010 Mount Charles Youth [Jeremy Willcock]
2009 Mount Charles Youth [Jeremy Willcock]
2008 Mount Charles Youth [Simon Dobson]
2007 Mount Charles Youth [Simon Dobson]
2006 St Dennis Youth [Brian Minear]
2005 Mount Charles Youth [Jonathon Small]
2004 Mount Charles Youth [Russell Gray]
2003 Mount Charles Youth [Jonathon Small]
2002 Mount Charles Youth [Jonathon Small]
2001 Mount Charles Youth [Jonathon Small]
2000 Mount Charles Youth [Brian Hurdley]
1999 Mount Charles Youth [Brian Hurdley]
1998 Mount Charles Youth [Brian Hurdley]
1997 Mount Charles Youth [Brian Hurdley]
1996 Mount Charles Youth [David Dobson]
1995 Mount Charles Youth [David Pope]
1994 St Austell Youth [Maurice Arnold]
1993 Helston Youth [AK Busby]
1992 Wilton & District Youth [DG Chalk MBE]
1991 Helston Youth [AK Busby]
1990 Porthleven Town Junior [EF Ralph]
1989 Porthleven Town Junior [WAB Tresidder]
1988 Torbay Brass B [P Aunger]
1987 Hayle Youth [Francis Ralph]
1986 Hayle Youth [Francis Ralph]
1985 Redruth Youth [DL Adams]
1984 Torbay Brass B [MC Stevens]
1983 Bideford Youth [G Lobbett]
1982 Camborne Youth [D Greenwood]
1981 St Austell Youth [A Chappell]
1980 St Ives Youth [EF Toll]
1979 St Austell Youth [BW Sutton]
1978 Mount Charles Youth [DH Rosevear]
1977 Helston Youth [E Ashton]
1976 Lostwithiel Youth [GR Wheildon]
1975 Bodmin Juniors [CJ Bunt]
1974 South Molton Junior [Mrs D Taylor]
1973 Bodmin Juniors [JM Berryman]
1972 Lostwithiel Youth [MW Sweet]
1971 - NO ENTRIES -
1970 Lostwithiel Youth [MW Sweet]
1969 - NO ENTRIES -
1968 Lanner Youth [T Martin]
1967 - NO ENTRIES -
1966 - [-]
1965 Junior Leaders Regt [J Whitwell]
1964 Crewkerne Youth [M Shepherd]
1963 - [-]
1962 Chard Town [C Turner]
1961 - [-]
1960 - [-]
1959 - [-]
1958 South Molton Junior [J Taylor]
1957 Bideford Juvenile [AR Bryant]
1956 Wessex Youth [-]
1955 Bodmin Juniors [WD Lawton]
1954 Bodmin Juniors [WD Lawton]
1953 Bude Town Juniors [AC Speare]
1952 Bude Town Juniors [AC Speare]
1951 - [-]
1950 - [-]
1949 - [-]
1948 - [-]
1947 - [-]

Training Band Section

Year Winning Band, Selection [Conductor]
2019 Soundhouse Brass Training
2018 Soundhouse Brass Junior [Gary Thompson]
2017 Soundhouse Youth Plymouth Youth [Gary Thompson]
2016 Plymouth Soundhouse Youth [Gary Thompson]

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